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OPENing for dine-in

Call 480-990-8797 to place your order

  • Breakfast 9am-11am  (Breakfast Menu)

  • Lunch 11am-3pm

  • Happy Hour 3pm-6pm (Happy Hour Menu offered)

  • Dinner 6pm-11pm

  • Late Night 11pm-2am (Late Night Menu)

We will be taking into consideration the recommendations set by the Arizona Department of Health by operating at a reduced capacity.  We will utilize the main bar, as well as, the Jack Room in order to accompany as many patrons as we are allowed.  While we will try to encourage the physical distancing of 6 feet, we need your help in doing so by adhering to the following measures:

  • No parties to exceed that of 10 people.

  • Physically distance yourself from other patrons by remaining near your table/party.

  • Keep from congregating in tight areas such as hallways.

  • Be mindful of the designated areas we are utilizing.

  • Please utilize the hand sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant.

  • If a table gets up, please let the staff sanitize before using.

  • If you feel under the weather at all, please be mindful of the other patrons and staff and stay home.


We will be utilizing comprehensive sanitation protocols to ensure the health and safety of our patrons and staff.  These are tough times and people are going to have a difference in opinion on how places should operate.  We believe in exercising our right to operate under the specific guidelines set forth by Governor Ducey.  With this being said, we will not be requiring our front of house staff to wear masks or gloves while providing service.  While this may upset some, we encourage you to take the safety measures you deem necessary and to visit us when you feel comfortable doing so.


Hello, fellow Clancy’s patrons. 

We appreciate the loyalty you showed us during the temporary shutdown.  We would like to inform you all that we will be resuming normal hours of operations starting Monday, May 11th.   Hours of operations are the following:

While we are not requiring our front of house staff to wear masks or gloves, we are encouraging them to do so if they choose, or are a high-risk individual for contracting the virus.  Cloth masks have been proven to be ineffective and uncomfortable to wear.  Gloves have been proven to reduce overall hand hygiene and is counterproductive to best sanitation practices of washing hands.  With this being said, we are still requiring our kitchen staff to wear masks and gloves, due to their knowledge and training of best hygiene practices utilizing gloves/handwashing. The following guidelines and recommendations are going to be in force for the foreseeable future:

  • Employees will be screened before their shift.

  • If an employee exhibits any symptoms, they will be asked to go home.

  • We have incorporated designated tables in order to encourage physical distancing.

  • Condiments are to be asked for by request in order to limit the amount of hands touching caddies.

  • Proper disposal of paper menus, disposable glassware, and any other non-reusable items.

  • Reusable items will go through standard sanitation protocols before reuse.

  • Retraining of staff to ensure best hygiene practices are used in accordance with AZDH

  • Retrain staff to take orders while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

  • There will be an increase in hand washing protocols and management.

Again, thank you for your continued patronage to Clancy’s.  We appreciate your support and understanding during these trying times.  We wish nothing but good health and prosperity to all.  We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in the coming days.

Thank you!


the Clancy Family

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